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Client Representative

What you’ll do in your role:

Here, at First Class Marketing, you’re more than just a customer service representative or salesperson. You’re a customer enthusiast and an expert in the products you are vending. You bring passion and excitement to every customer interaction and make every person feel uniquely valued. It’s a big responsibility, but the opportunity for rapid growth makes it worth every step of the way.


Here’s a closer look at the job:​

  • You approach each customer with enthusiasm and evaluate their needs as you take a genuine interest in who they are. 

  • You provide exceptional customer service, viewing every question as an opportunity to prove your credibility and get closer to solving the customer's problems.

  • You make each customer interaction the kind of experience that motivates them to share a favorable opinion of our brand with their family and friends.

  • When it’s time to close, you’re an expert at finding the ideal plan that uniquely matches each individual customer.

  • You are also accountable for supporting your team members, keeping the store organized, and continuously learning by staying current with latest offerings in our industry. 

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