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Client Manager

What you’ll do in your role:

As you move further up through the chain of command, you become responsible for developing unique campaigns for our national partners. You set the benchmark for greatness in customer acquisition and retention by executing these campaigns in the retail setting. You begin to train new individuals on our processes to increase the market shares of our clients.

Here’s a closer look at the job:​

  • You will be held accountable for a select number of in-store marketing campaigns throughout the city.

  • In this stage, you should be extremely comfortable with our product offerings and have a good understanding of the different elements of the front end of the business. As you move into a leadership role, you become responsible for training the Client Representatives on how to perform well in our system.

  • You will begin to learn the recruiting aspect of the business and will assist the company in conducting 2nd round interviews.

  • At this stage in the development cycle, you should be capable of providing a precise explanation to candidates of what our company does to support our clients' growth.

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